Mission Statement

At Cambridge Montessori Institute, we partner with our diverse community, using authentic Montessori principles, to offer Montessori teacher education preparation, professional development and community outreach.

Tuition for Infant/Toddler programs: : $6,000.00                       

Tuition includes all course text books, course handouts, seminars, three field consultant visits, membership in the American Montessori Society, and various accreditation fees. It also includes a required Early Childhood Overview course.

Application Fee           $200.00 $100 prior to April 1st

Registration Fee         *$500.00 *This is a non-refundable fee due 15 days after acceptance and will be applied to the full tuition.

Self-Directed Fee       $450.00

Self-directed Adult Learners receive an additional two field consultant visits during the practicum year (five visits total).

CMI offers three different tuition plans:

Due to COVID-19, the tuition schedules for the 2020-2021 have been altered slightly to adjust to the later start date.

PLAN A: Full tuition due June 1st

PLAN B: Tuition payments divided into two payments due June 1st and March 1st. There is a $100 service fee with this option.

PLAN C: Tuition payments are divided into twelve (12) equal installments starting June 1. There is a $200 service fee with this option.

If you have any questions, please contact CMI at 617.492.3410 ext 126

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