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At Cambridge Montessori Institute, we partner with our diverse community, using authentic Montessori principles, to offer Montessori teacher education preparation, professional development, and community outreach.

Tuition, Payment Plans, and Schedule

Updated: 2021 and reviewed yearly

Tuition for Infant/Toddler programs: : $6,500.00                       

Tuition includes all course textbooks, course handouts, seminars, three field consultant visits, membership in the American Montessori Society, and various accreditation fees. It also includes a required Early Childhood Overview course.

Application Fee           $200.00 $100 prior to April 1st

Registration Fee         $500.00 This is a non-refundable fee due 15 days after acceptance.

Tuition includes  

Course lecture/classes, all required reading (books and articles), fees associated with the American Montessori Society (AMS) and the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). You will also receive a student membership with the AMS.  Once registered by CMI, you will receive an email from AMS that will have your membership number and details of the benefits included with that membership.  Once this initial student membership has expired, it is up to the Adult  Learner to renew annually. 

Tuition & Fees 
Application Fee(non-refundable)$ 100
Registration Fee due 15 days after acceptance
(non-refundable)$ 500
TuitionIncludes course textbooks, (3) Field Consultant Visits, and various accreditation fees$ 6,500

Self-Directed Fee$ 500
Tuition Total for an Adult Learner in a Self-Directed Teaching Practicum$7,000
Continuation-Extension Learner FeesIf the Adult Learner requests or it is deemed necessary for the Adult Learner to extend beyond two years of course study due to incomplete coursework or extenuating circumstances, the Adult Learner will need to pay a yearly fee.  This fee must be paid in full, prior to the course start date of year three. 

$ 600 per year
Field Consultant Fees CMI pays a consultant an honorarium and local travel expenses for three visits by a qualified Field Consultant to the Adult Learner’s teaching practicum site.  Adult Learners at schools more than 30 miles from Cambridge, MA may expect additional expenses for the Consultant’s travel and accommodations, unless a local consultant is available. Contact the Office to make arrangements.

Call the office to make arrangements.

Tuition Payment Plans and Fees

Tuition Payment Plans
Supervised Practicum
Plan A-1 Adult Learner in a Supervised Practicum 
[Paid in full]
Due on:
June 1
Plan B-2Adult Learner in a Supervised
[Tuition + $100 processing fee = $ 6,600]
Two equal installments of $ 3,300
Due on:
June 1 
Sept. 1
Plan C-4Adult Learner in a Supervised Practicum 
[Tuition + $200 Processing Fee = $ 6,700
Four equal installments of $ 1,675
Due on:
June 1
July 1
Aug. 1
Sept. 1
Tuition Payment Plans
Self-Directed Practicum
Plan SD-1 Adult Learner in a Self-Directed Practicum 
[Tuition + Self Directed Fee= $ 7,000]                                         Paid in Full    
Due on:
June 1
Plan SD-2Adult Learner in a Self-Directed Practicum 
[Tuition + Self-Directed Fee + $ 100 Processing Fee =
$ 7,100]
Two equal installments of $ 3,550
Due on:
June 1  
Sept. 1
Plan SD-4
Adult Learner in a Supervised Practicum 

[Tuition + Self-Directed Fee + $ 200 Processing Fee =
$ 7,200]

Four equal installments of $ 1,800
Due on:
June 1
July 1
Aug. 1
Sept. 1
Late FeeLate fees will be charged for payments received after the due date. Any student who fails to make a payment by the due date will be placed on Academic Probation.$50
Insufficient fundsAdult Learners will be charged the fee for any returned check.$35
Academic Probation:
Monthly Fee
If you are put on academic probation due to late payments more than once you will be asked to withdraw from the program. Monthly late fees of $100 will accrue until the tuition bill is paid in full. $100 accrue

Paying Your Tuition Bill

All tuition payments to Cambridge Montessori Institute are processed through the Business Office of Cambridge Montessori School via the Chief Financial Officer.

Chief Financial Officer can be reached at 617-499-0099 x 123
  • Tuition payments are to be made by check, money order, or credit card. 
  • Credit card payments can be made over the phone during the hours of 9 am – 3 pm EST.
  • All tuition payments and fees must be received on or before the due dates.
    • Please refer to your tuition bill for billing due dates.
  • If paying by check, it should be written out to Cambridge Montessori School -CMI. Please use the memo line to indicate what portion of your bill you are paying.  Tuition checks should be mailed to CMI ℅  Business Office at 161 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.
  • Failure to meet financial obligations will result in CMI placing you on academic probation and you will not be allowed to attend the course.  CMI requires 90% attendance rate. 
  • Any Adult Learner with an unpaid balance at the time of oral examinations will not be permitted to sit for Oral Examinations.  You will need to wait an entire course year to sit for the Oral Examinations.
  • CMI reserves the right to withhold your Montessori credential, academic transcript, or withhold the privilege of attending the remaining parts of the course, due to failure to pay your tuition bill.
  • If you are put on academic probation due to late payments more than once you will be asked to withdraw from the program. Monthly late fees of $100 will accrue until the tuition bill is paid in full.  

If you have any questions, please contact CMI at 617.492.3410 ext 126

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