Creating the “Just Right” Professional Development Approach for your School: The Goldilocks Strategy


Cambridge Montessori School

161 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Cambridge, MA, US, 02138


The Goldilocks Approach to Evaluation and Professional Development: Creating the “Just Right” Approach for Your School

Presented by Martha Torrence, M.Ed., Head of School: Summit Montessori School

The very nature of teaching interacts with one’s personal development on a high level. For this reason, teachers require careful mentoring and support throughout their careers. With that realization, schools must systematically evolve as cultures that support staff collegiality and congeniality, and must create interwoven cycles of professional development, evaluation, and support that help all staff members to thrive rather than simply survive.

In this interactive workshop, we will examine a time-tested system of professional development, evaluation, and support. We will consider the ingredients of a healthy school culture and discuss ways of realizing this health within your school.


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